Crock Pot Stew with Rice and Beans


Make a delicious home cooked stew and serve with green beans and rice.

Last week my husband and I went on the road to Houston.  Have you ever been?  It can be sweltering hot this time of year and we arrived a day early.  We stayed in the area for several days with family and what a blessing, this is always an added bonus when we travel south.

It is hotter on the coast, but you stay indoors mostly this time of year, catch up and soak up the AC. You sort of have to live in the south to understand our way of life.

We had a great visit and my sister-in-law made us the best slow cooked stew.  This is what I refer to as comfort food that makes you feel like you're at home and we enjoyed every bite.

Duplicating such goodness is no simple task because there really isn't a recipe.  It's a list of ingredients delicately placed in a crock pot with love and slow cooked for about 8 hours to reach that amazing moist and tender flavor.

So, I decided to have Sandra share it with you just in case you'd like to make your own. 

Sandras crock pot stew recipe is easy to make and tastes amazing

Sandra's Crock Pot Stew Recipe

I put all stew meat into a skillet with one whole onion of your choice chopped. Then I brown it really good and then you make a brown gravy.

But I add a brown gravy packet and Campbell's soup beefy mushroom if you can find it. If not, you can add what you like, then I dump all of it into a slow cooker with potatoes and carrots. You can add just about anything you like then turn the slow cooker to 8-hour slow cook. 

Brown your meat in a big pot and add all the ingredients then cook slowly for 4-5 hours or until the meat is tender and vegetables are done.

NOTES:  I also use a little olive oil to brown onion and meat until it gets sticky brown. The Slow cooker makes meat more tender and when you brown the meat before it really makes it taste better. You can also use chicken.

A recipe that's easy to make and everyone will enjoy

Comfort Food Served with Rice and Beans

So, there you have it and I'm telling you that when she prepared the beans and rice as the side it just made this meal complete. Comfort food like stew served with rice and beans is so good.  We also had the best visit and I'm very blessed to call Sandra, my sister.  

See the Good,