Roma Chicken Tortillas


Home grown Roma tomatoes and grilled chicken on a tortilla

When you're gifted fresh Roma tomatoes from someone else's garden what do you do?  Well, you open the fridge, see what's on hand and make your husband a surprise lunch.

This happened last week after meeting a sweet lady at the RV park while doing laundry.  

Later she's knocking on our door asking if I'd like a bag of fresh tomatoes from her garden.  

It was perfect timing too because Robert was headed back from his travels and I wanted to surprise him with a good meal that didn't take a lot of effort.

This recipe is super easy y'all; the first time I made it with leftover rotisserie chicken.  The second was grilled and both were good.  Robert even said, "I can't tell which one I like best because they are both good."

That's huge praise and I'll take it.  Let's dive into this recipe so you can whip up your own batch of Roma Chicken Tortillas.

A variety of quick and easy to use ingredients for a fantastic meal.


      • 1 1/2cup or so of chopped chicken.  Grilled or Rotisserie 
      • 1 cup chopped Roma tomatoes
      • Handful of my Homestead blend spice mix
      • 3/4 Fresh Parmesan Cheese
      • Drizzles of olive oil
      • Your favorite tortillas and butter

Ingredients prepped and ready to cook

The Next Steps

To finish this easy to make Roma Chicken Tortilla recipe that I prayed would be good begins with taking the first 4 ingredients and placing them into a mixing bowl. Then drizzle olive oil over the top and fold carefully using a spatula. 

Heat up your fry pan with melted butter and take a couple tablespoons of your Roma chicken mix and spread on one half of the tortilla.

Lay gently into the fry pan, fold the empty side of tortilla over and lightly brown both sides on low heat.  If you overheat to fry quick, they will burn so don't do that.

Final step is to remove from pan, slice in half and serve.

This recipe is really easy and we both enjoyed this meal.  A little side note, you could also add fresh basil to your list of ingredients.  

I also thought this would be good over green lettuce and just create a salad. 

See the Good,


Tasty recipe that's light for lunch or dinner