Black and White Bayou


black and white photography fun

I have recently discovered a new artistic outlet and that's photography in black and white.  This brings me to my Sony mirrorless camera.  I purchased it several years ago and really never dived into all that it has to offer. 

Vice buying a new camera I decided to wrap my brain around what I have and find a new zoom lens.  Learning and research is a never-ending skillset.

But this morning with cooler temperatures I decided to go for a walk. I love the water and since we have been staying directly on the bayou, I have been enjoying the scenery. More so lately than when we first arrived several months ago.

I had to settle for my phone camera because this walk wasn't originally about taking photos until the bayou drew me closer in. 

Pictures with my cell phone

Photography in Color

For a cell phone this isn't too shabby but in reality, this photo could have been better.  You miss the details and softness that I like to capture when using my "real camera."

Something about those hidden details, the angles and color patterns is where the energy lifts.  

I do love color y'all but this black and white is where my heart finds inspiration.

Photography side by side with color and black and white.

In Color and Black and White

You might remember last week when I shared, learning to be and stop jumping.  I decided to share a side by side here so you could see the difference.

In color or black and white photography is definitely a personal choice and when I finally get that new zoom lense you can expect to see more images in the "good art" category.  Some of these pictures will become drawings and others well who knows where they will end up. 

Black and white photography is where I will place my focus.