Gathering From Nature to Decorate

taking a walk where we live to see what will inspire to bring indoors.

I recently went for a walk around our property to see what kind of natural beauty was growing between the trees.  It got me thinking that some of this could be gathered and brought indoors for decorating.  I'm one of those nature lovers I guess and have always had sort of a wildcraft heart.  

If you’re not familiar with that term historically it was meant to forage plants for food or medicinal purposes.  Where I have participated in this activity years ago with my grandmother, I prefer wildcrafting now with a different outlook.

For me the term, "wildcraft" is simply gathering from nature for craft projects like wreaths, garlands or vase arrangements.  It’s an inexpensive way to decorate the home and I like that you can replace it from one season to the next without having to store anything.

A quick example would be gathering pinecones.  I lost count of how many pine trees we have on our property and between the dead needles, the cones and the natural green branches I can see that bringing some of this indoors in the next several months is going to be on my list of things to do.

discovering beautyberry growing naturally all over our property.

Walking on to Discover Beautyberry

On this walk I continued to see what else might be available.  This is when I came across several plants of beautyberry.  If you’re not familiar, it’s known for repelling mosquitos; apparently deer and birds also love it. 

We have small plants growing everywhere and I’m thinking about transplanting a few after the berries expire. I was fascinated by this discovery and later learned it can be used for making jelly.  I just thought they would look fantastic in a vase sitting on our kitchen island with perhaps a few twigs.

Simplicity is what speaks to my heart, so I’ve added beautyberry to my gathering list for later before the cold arrives.

Love what you can find when you gather from nature.

Natural Hardwoods and Variation

In addition to our pine trees, we also have hardwoods and they are finally beginning to turn.  I wasn’t sure this would ever happen and I’m engaged with the color variation that’s currently surrounding our driveway.  Where our fall colors are unique the foliage here will offer some neat ideas that almost skip a beat to bring nature indoors.

The variety here inspires; I was pretty swept away during this walk knowing it was all at my fingertips.  The only thing I’m missing is a good pair of snippers and that’s on my shopping list.

I'd like to encourage you to take a stroll where you live and perhaps you will also find some pieces of nature to gather and bring home.  Why buy when the good is right beside you.

See the Good,