Italian Herb Parmesan Pasta


Just a few ingredients and you have a pasta meal that is tasty and very satisfying

Growing up I was fortunate to spend a lot of time at my grandma’s home; this is where I learned to cook all of her wonderful Italian dishes. I have great memories in her kitchen and when I cook today it’s like she is still with me. We always used real ingredients, a lot of herbs and veggies from the garden. We hardly ever measured anything unless of course we were baking.

Her meals were the best; the thing I remember most is that it was all about slowing down and the love that goes into creating a meal. My favorite dishes were always polenta and pasta, they still are. 

She would say, there were better meals than pasta and I never understood that because it can be so versatile.  If you learn to experiment pasta never gets old, but I try to keep this as a treat and serve maybe once or twice a month.

This brings me to my homemade recipe for Italian Herb Parmesan Pasta, this is an easy one and can be prepared in under 20 minutes. Remember I don’t measure when I cook so when I say sprinkle or drizzle this means, to your liking. 

Let’s dive in.

Pasta Ingredients and Prep to Serve

First cook your pasta, normally this takes about 15 minutes.  After you strain the water add a serving size to each plate.  Then Sprinkle maybe a teaspoon of Homestead blend herbs over the top, generously drizzle your choice of good olive oil and sprinkle the top with fresh parmesan.  I have linked the ingredients above for you. 

You could also serve this dish with your favorite protein or bread because you can use it to clean up your plate.  That’s another thing we always did after a good meal, bread is better with flavor.  Keep this simple and you can also use a different spice blend to change it up.  Enjoy for lunch or dinner from my kitchen to yours.

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