Best House Shoes for Tile Floors


Skechers Women's Easy Going-Latte 2 Mule

When we were making decisions for the home and purchasing supplies, we both agreed on tile floors.  This was mainly because we live in a humid climate and after installation you're done. 

Overtime the soles of my feet have taken quite a hit and so I have been on the hunt to find the best house shoes for living on tile floors.  First off, slippers won't cut it and nor will inexpensive indoor shoes.  Tennis shoes would probably be an improvement but for me I wanted something that was easy to slip off when I change shoes to run outside.

One might think this would be an easy task.  I asked friends online and everyone had a different answer.  One mentioned Skechers but I didn't take that reply serious enough.  I suppose the Skecher brand reminded me of a tennis shoe.  Silly me... 

Skechers Women's Easy Going-Latte 2 Mule for tile floors indoors.

Skechers Women's Easy Going-Latte 2 Mule

So, after trying comfy slippers and several other shoe brands nothing was helping and the pain in my feet started getting worse.  Especially this last month and I have done very little outdoors because of it.

I started soaking my feet, incorporated massage and used lavender essential oil on the heels.  This all helped and they have improved but I still knew finding an indoor shoe had to happen.  You can only be off your feet so long before you realize you need a long-term solution.  

Then I remembered that friend who mentioned Skechers.  After doing some research I came across the easy-going mule. It was a longshot and my hopes were set high.  These shoes were like an answer to prayer and it was love at first sight.

But honestly it was the air-cooled memory foam cushion insole that felt amazing, it's like walking on supportive pillows.  I can even dance in these shoes; the comfort is unreal. They also fit great with my thick winter socks and remain a nice fit when I'm barefoot.

I am very pleased with this shoe and wanted to make sure to share in case anyone else might be looking for a supportive and comfortable indoor shoe.  If you have tile floors, then perhaps you can relate to what I'm talking about. 

The Skechers easy going mule is really an outdoor shoe, but since I don't wear my outdoor shoes inside, I may just have to get me a second pair down the road just for on the go wear or perhaps a couple of backups in case they discontinue. 

So, get your feet some comfort, I even found them on Amazon for a better price in multiple colors.  Something I couldn't find when I shopped in the marketplace because everything was incredibly picked over.   Hopefully my awesome find will make your life better and your feet happy.  

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Finding an awesome indoor shoe.