Avocado and Salami Toasted Bagel


Use avocado and salami with a few other ingredients for a delicious bagel.

This year my husband and I decided to limit eating out and spend more time cooking at home.  It’s been a fantastic transition and the best part we are never disappointed. 

Our food tastes better, it’s healthier, we don’t waste time traveling from one destination to the next and we save money.  Talk about a nice change of pace compared to the previous 5 years.

So, to keep from getting in a food rut I have been gravitating towards clean ingredients and keeping our meal planning simple but also very tasty.  This brings me to my avocado and salami toasted bagel sandwich. 

This recipe is easy and we are using my favorite homestead blend spice mix.  If you haven’t made this, you must because it’s very versatile and I use it all the time.

A list of ingredients to make this tasty bagel sandwich.


    • 2 T. Olive oil
    • 1 T. Homestead blend spice
    • 1 Bagel sliced in half.
    • Camembert cheese or cream cheese
    • 4 thin slices of Salami
    • 1 avocado mashed
    • Spring mix of lettuce like arugula, red leaf or radicchio.

Making this tasty avocado and salami toasted bagel.

Bagels for Toasting and Prep Toppings

I used an air fry/toaster oven for the bagel and while they were cooking, I prepared the rest of the ingredients. 

First mix 2 Tablespoons of olive oil with 1 tablespoon of homestead blend spice mix.  Stir the two together and spread over each bagel then toast until lightly brown.  In a toaster oven this will be on a medium setting for about 3 to 4 minutes.

Peel and remove pit from the avocado then mash in a small dish.  Set aside with the rest of ingredients and remove bagels from the toaster when lightly brown.

Finish with the rest of ingredients to serve toasted bagel.

Add Bagel Toppings

Spread Camembert cheese to each bagel half; this is a soft and creamy cheese from ripened cow's milk.  It was first made in the late 18th century in Camembert, Normandy in NW France. It's a nice treat but if you prefer, cream cheese is an excellent substitute.   

Then add two slices of salami, spread mashed avocado and top with spring lettuce. Wasn't that simple and talk about tasty!  So, if you have a soft avocado handy turn it into lunch.  Make this toasted bagel sandwich, serve with a nice lemon water and a smile.

See the Good,

Don't forget you can get my homestead blend spice recipe here.

An easy yet tasty bagel sandwich perfect for a light lunch.