Bubble Bunny Watercolor


Creating a shade of brown to paint an easter bunny we call bubble bunny.

I thought it would be fun to share my bubble bunny watercolor since easter is right around the corner.  My husband picked the name and he might just be onto something.

This was a one-minute creation after mixing a natural brown color with my three primaries.  To get the right shade this takes practice.

I had to first make green from cadmium yellow and cobalt blue then I added alizarin crimson. (red) This gave me a natural balance and the next step was to zero in on the shade of brown I was seeking.  This is where studying nature comes to play because I had to select which of those three hues, I needed to make the correct color.

For me, painting in watercolor has become less about applying paint to paper.  It is about showing up, enjoying the study of nature and letting go of all control.  When it’s finally time to interact with the paper these three steps have allowed me to discover my style.

Bunny bunny in perfect watercolor hue of brown.

How Bubble Bunny Transpired

Bubble bunny came about after watching a rabbit on our property for over a year.  Recently he was visiting with a friend and these two are fearless.  I can get about 2 feet from them and they keep eating, looking at me with their big eyes as if I was one of them. 

They are comfortable on our land; I sense them to be warm and cuddly bunnies as they curl into a rounded shape living their life.

 So, after I mixed that amazing shade of brown, I was anxious to use it.  I was going to make a quick practice with a small blank swatch of watercolor paper left on my table.

I picked up my #8 round brush, getting it just wet enough to dip into the hue and off I went. Bubble bunny transpired in seconds with very few details.  Afterwards I just sat there looking at it with the biggest smile on my face.

This very simple painting had no purpose, yet it came about with this effortless ability to bring forward instant joy. He’s even made his rounds on Instagram.

For me, I will continue to see how I can use this shade of brown to create the simplicity of nature. Stick around because I have been working on a project that will bring some of my original artwork front and center for anyone interested to enjoy.  

See the Good,

For more about mixing, read, Lessons in Color Theory.