Carole West Gallery


Watercolor Art for sale in gallery by Carole West

There are times in life when we all have dreams and ideas that one day we might pursue.  How to lift those inspirations off the ground is not always an easy task.  Life happens, we make excuses and one obstacle after the other comes in our path.

It easy to get caught up on those moments and put everything aside.  We judge ourselves and others begin to judge us as well. The hope of, "one day" comes to a screaming halt and that dream begins to feel unreachable.  

These situations can happen when time is wasted with the wrong people.  I must tell you; I am blessed.  I have good people in my life who have encouraged me from near and far and one day I finally decided to walk away from judgment and negativity and push forward with the idea of opening a gallery.

A life long dream from an artist in East Texas, Carole West Gallery is now open online.

If you have read my About me here on the blog, then you know this has been a lifelong dream to get back to my art. I started in 2019 but again life happened including a relocation in addition to building our home.

The last 4 years have been insane and so much of that time was also spent helping other people who really, I don't think ever wanted my help to begin with.
So, at the beginning of this year my husband said something to me that was loud and clear... "I want you to take the year and just focus on you and our family and to stop helping others."

That was difficult for me to take in.  I have this, "Helpful Nature" but I heard what he was saying because it was like these distractions became my excuse towards reaching my goal.  I'm just going to call this fear and you can probably relate.

So, after my 56th birthday in February I decided that I would stop stalling and get busy.  Which brings me to the launch of my new website that will also be linked here from my blog.  

Carole West Gallery is my space to share and sell original watercolor art.  This journey began with giving away my art to friends, family and most recently after a large order of bookmarks. 

Beginning now through the Summer of 2024 "A Season to Bloom" collection will be featured. 

Please note that all of my artwork is original, which means this is not printed product. I have also included bookmarks which can be framed if preferred because they are larger than most. Additional work will be added as the weeks and months move forward. 

I want to invite you to visit and if you might be interested in a custom order please reach out at your convenience and we can discuss the details.  

See the Good,
Carole West