Watercolor Sunflowers in the Gallery


New art added to Carole West A Season to Bloom Collection

I was scrolling through Instagram recently when a friend posted some beautiful sunflower pictures.  They grabbed my attention immediately.

I went from looking at beautiful photographs with an idea of natural colors running together. 

Everything else just sort followed from there.

I have a difficult time explaining my painting methods because watercolor is very different than other mediums.  I will say that mixing paint from a smaller inventory has been a game changer.

Keeping my pallet true to nature inspires, like bringing the outdoors inside.

sunflowers with an impressionism view.

Sunflowers in the Gallery

So, for a couple of afternoons, I had fun creating and watching the water flow.  This piece was almost magical with a lot of waiting for areas to dry before I could add another layer of color.

I was excited when finished because it dried just like I thought it would.

Sunflowers remind of my childhood, when my grandma and I grew them in her garden.  I was always amazed at their beauty as they stood tall in the sunlight.

I was a dreamer, still am and remember thinking I too will stand tall one day.

These same flowers grow fast, lasting long even after they are clipped from the root.  A flower like this can bring a lot of joy to others; they are what I call bringing good to life.

Don’t miss these moments to see the good, because just like those photographs, they didn’t end with a glimpse, they brought me days of joy.  I painted a few others; they are currently listed in my gallery.  

Take a peek because who knows they might be perfect for your home. 

See the Good,
Carole West

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