Prepping to Raise Quail on the Ground

Getting started on how to raise quail in your backyard or on the ground from author Carole West.

Winter in Texas is like a twisted tornado, one day it's warm and the next is cold again.  I don’t mind this because I love these warm January breaks where I can go outside and enjoy some sunshine.

This is also the time of year when many homesteaders are planning their spring garden or deciding what new additions might be a good idea.  

Which means it is also a great time to begin preparing to raise quail on the ground if that is on your radar.

Getting Started Raising Quail

There is a definite course of action that takes place when it comes to raising quail and many times these birds are frowned upon due to their size.

Yes, quail are small; they have strong flocking instincts and are best raised on the ground in a natural environment. 

When I decided to add quail on our family farm and later further in the Texas countryside. I didn’t know where to begin.  Even worse everybody told me what I wanted to do was impossible.

Since it was winter when I was doing my planning, I realized there was plenty of time to research the obstacles and figure it out before diving in.  So that’s what I did, and the journey was amazing.

This led me to write my story and share everything I learned in my recent book, Ground Raised Quail.

Raising quail for Eggs and Meat

My focus has always been to raise quail on the ground for the purpose of eggs and meat; I have to tell you I really miss it.

I had to take a little break due to relocating but like you I’m anxious to begin planning my new quail habitat on the homestead.  I have my plans written down and will be implementing them after we finish building our home get settled in 

Learning to raise quail on the ground was one of my greatest accomplishments that started on our family farm.