The Heart of Home

Good Read from At Home with Jemma Blog

Several years ago, I came across a blog that truly celebrates, the heart of home.  At Home with Jemma is that place. 

This blog is filled with uplifting reads, garden tips and crafting. Jemma also shares an abundance of good recipes.

Her flair to decorate the home is something you will really enjoy especially over the holidays and when the seasons change. She can take vintage with current trends and create a display that tells a story.

I’ve been reading this blog for several years and most recently enjoyed, the Library Table where she mentions the color blue and how it reflects the endless blue skies of our tender world.

I was stopped in my tracks with thoughts to ponder when she stated, "to calm my anxious soul."

Encouragement is what I stumbled upon and before long I found myself selecting a new color palette for my own blog. 

Jemma’s writing reflects her personality and many times, it’s like poetry. Upon your arrival you will instantly notice that she is a blessing to many, especially her family.

A Few Miles and Friendship

When I was living on our family farm and writing Garden Up Green this is when I found her blog.

Shortly afterwards we discovered that we both lived in Texas just a few miles apart. We decided to meet up and a neat friendship followed. 

Since then, we have both relocated several times and we continue to stay in touch.   

In a lot of ways, we are very similar, we both grew up in the northwest and share a lot of the same interests.  

I think about her often, keep her in my prayers and thank God for her friendship because she is a treasure.

Being A Homemaker

Jemma really knows how to make being a homemaker effortless and I admire that.  I'm hoping with our new home I will do better and learn to enjoy homemaking as she does.  

In her words, "Homemaking is where we are the worlds bakers, makers and growers of gardens, children and Love."  Visit, At Home with Jemma.



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