Art Mediums and Selecting a Theme

Watching color painting of a Jacob Sheep

Every artist has their story; some of us share the details and others keep them quiet.  I do both because I find it’s the artist finished and unfinished work that tells the story best.

Knowing your subject, selecting a theme and using the right medium is also important.

I started out when I was a lot younger doing very detailed work.  Pencil rendering in addition to pen and ink were my favorite mediums and later I dabbled in oils. 

My style back then was a mix between realism and detailed abstract.  This was something that I made up because there was nothing else like it.

Ideas for using art mediums

Settled on Two Mediums

As I wrote in Blessed with Many Gifts a year ago, I have been dabbling in watercolors and also took a few classes in 2019.  It was a lot of fun, met some neat people and found a good fit.  There was just something about water moving with colors that grabbed my attention. 

Currently I've chosen to use two mediums, the first being watercolor and the second pencil. It’s possible a little pen and ink might show up because I like to mix mediums. 

The pieces I’m sharing here are just some ideas I was playing with which brings me to style.  I will be implementing impressionism and once again detailed abstract. 

I don't for see creating any realism art because I'd rather spend my time looking at nature in the present and I sort of feel like photography captures realism best.  I may however share those drawings from long ago with y'all because I still have them.

Many ideas have been swimming in my head and for the first time in a very long time I am seeing things in an element that is inspirational.  It’s difficult to explain and everything seems to catch my attention.

Impressionism watercolor painting of a jacob sheep

Selecting a Theme

Selecting mediums and style can be pretty easy but choosing an art theme is a different story. 

My goal is to work towards selling my art.  I have this incredible gallery wall in the new house to showcase finished work.  So, at some point I may have private showings and hope to eventually do showings in businesses and galleries.

Since my goal is pretty grand, beginning with a theme makes sense because at heart I’m an organized person and this step will help keep me on track.  I must admit that sometimes I'm like a squirrel and when something shinney appears off I go.

Over the last 10 years I have taken a lot of photos and most of them came our farm.  I’ve been sorting through those images for painting purposes and I'm beyond excited.

This brings me to my Jacob sheep painting of Granny. This piece is just an example because I was curious if I could do an impression piece and still bring forward her personality. 

She was my flock leader during her time on our farm and she taught me a lot.  I will never forget the day she stepped down from leading, she waited and waited for another Jacob to take her place. We raised a variety of animals on that farm, llamas, cows, emus. sheep, lots of poultry and wild game birds. 

So, you can imagine my photo inventory is large. 

This will not be a massive series just a good place to begin because it’s where our family shared many awesome memories. This is the beginning of good things to come with mediums I enjoy using and a theme that reflects joy.

If you are getting started with art, I highly recommend discovering the mediums you would enjoy working in first.  Take some classes if you want to dabble and see where the heart leads.