The Martha Manual Book Review

A book loaded with helpful tips and valuable information

I recently found myself walking through the bookstore and there it was The Martha Manual on how to do just about everything you could ever think of.  I am talking about the one and only, Martha Stewart who never misses a single detail.

I was introduced years ago from a friend when I worked in the floral industry.  I remember thinking, Martha’s cooking abilities reminded me of Julia Child. Martha took things to a times 10 level beyond the kitchen and became an expert in all things related to the home and garden.

I was fond of her ambition to create a beautiful home that was matched with proper detail.  It always reminded me of how I was brought up, enjoying the “good things.” A lot of “attention to detail” will follow with that chosen path and it seems my walk nestled into a simpler application.

That's just who I am, "simple" but I admire the details, they have a history and this book has been very helpful in preparing me from living in limbo to moving back into an actual home.

My favorite chapter in the Martha Manual begins with chapter one in organization.

A Wealth of Information

The wealth of information from one chapter to the next is valuable, think of it as her entire career wrapped up in one how to manual.

Where I am no Martha Stewart, I really enjoyed the variety of topics and how the information was presented.  It was not overwhelming, so much of it was very practical and one of my favorite statements included, “never stop learning and doing and enjoy every minute.”

I would say she does enjoy what she has accomplished and a sense of pride follows throughout each chapter.  To give you an idea the book begins with organization with everything from which clothing hangers to select and my favorite the organization of the kitchen.

As I have been preparing to move into our new home, I have put a lot of pressure on myself.  Mainly because after getting rid of everything to live frugal the last thing I want to do is collect more stuff that needs organizing. At times it feels like that is already happening and it stresses me out.  

After going through that chapter and several others it was clear that going back into a traditional home was going to look different. There are certain requirements to maintain a larger environment and certain tips can keep you from accumulating those “extra things” that we really do not need.

The organization chapter is good towards creating a functional home that doesn’t overwhelm.

Sewing, embroidery and even how to darn socks.

Chapters to Revisit

When we are finally settled into our home there will be many chapters in this book to revisit.  The inventory is grand as she covers forgotten skills like now to darn socks. I remember my grandmother darning our socks to help my parents save money in their budget.

Martha expands on that skill moving into sewing, embroidery, knitting and a few others.  These were all things that I was taught growing up, but the knitting and crochet just never caught on.

These are also skills that are not being passed down today because both parents are working. As I read through this book, I realized that 20 years from now some young person may find this resource sitting on a bookshelf, open to read and feel like they won the lottery.

Skills such as these are not genetic, they are taught and if we fail to teach these lessons at home well, we simply fail.  It is our responsibility to teach the next generation because almost everything Martha shares in this book, she learned at home from her parents.

I highly recommend The Martha Manual for families and individuals of all ages. It is one that will have a place of honor on our bookshelf and will become a reference for years to come. 


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