Essential Oils Ancient Medicine Book Review


An excellent read on biblical medicine before modern medicine took over.

It wasn’t long ago that I shared a book review on essential oils.  I recently acquired another great read on the topic that includes 70 plus healthy recipes.  Essential Oils Ancient Medicine is a deep dive into natural healing and includes where oils originated.

This dates to biblical times in Genesis on the third day of creation when God created land to produce vegetation.  This can be found in Genesis 1: 11-13.
In the New Testament when the wise men traveled to meet their king, they brought the most valuable items, two being frankincense and myrrh. Back in the day frankincense was often used to rub on children for immune support and because of its anti-inflammatory qualities it is excellent for reducing swelling.  Then we have myrrh oil that was used as a natural antiseptic to help heal tissues and balance hormones. 

I find it fascinating to gather this information and then realize these same oils can work the same way in modern times. My favorite oils include t-tree, peppermint and lavender.  I also love "lemon" to just revive my everyday well-being. I recently started using frankincense and I have a one-word description for this essential oil, incredible!

A complete list of uses for 50 plus essential oils.

50 Plus Natural Essential Oils

Inside you will find more than 50 essential oils and 125 natural remedies. The Authors Dr. Josh Axe, Ty Bollinger and Jordan Rubin share their journey that brought them to natural healing.  Each story is a personal one; I believe for most people who choose a natural lifestyle that is true.  There does appear to be a common ground, that there must be a better way. 

Or if you are like me, then you simply felt there had to be a simpler way without side effects.  All I have ever wanted from life was to thrive and do good. Being in my 50’s I’m doing just that; I give credit to the healthier choices we have made in our home dating back to 2005.

This resource covers each essential oil with research studies, the key benefits, safety and their therapeutic compounds.  I really like this because when you look up a particular oil, like peppermint it is easy enough to breeze through the information in addition to find what it is used for. This is faster than going on your phone because its direct without a lot of side notes.

One of my favorite sections is the biblical essential oil healing system on page 364. This includes seven key points of our body.  The feet, hands, head, sides, chest, neck and back. They break this down by assigning which oils to use and the specific application.  They even include 7 bible verses to further enrich and enhance your experience. 

It is neat and I have really enjoyed reading this resource.

Both books are loaded with healthy recipes for a better way of living.

More Healthy Recipes

If you read my last review with the other essential oil book, then you know that I have been wanting to make my own products.  I have begun and it’s been a positive experience especially since I found a high-grade oil brand.  I plan to start sharing some of those recipes soon.

This book, Essential Oils Ancient Medicine also includes additional recipes for the home and body.  They take it a step further and explain how you can use some of these oils in cooking.  I found this interesting because I have heard and read many pros and cons on the topic.

It's a wealth of knowledge without being intimidating plus it’s easy to read.  I see it as more of a lifelong resource and I have no doubt it will show severe ware overtime.

I'm proud to admit that living a natural lifestyle works, it took many years to find essential oils that I could trust and now with everything coming together I will bring those tips here.

Save some time and start reading now by getting this book like I did, especially if you are looking for a healthier way.  Getting back to life the way God intended inspires me daily.

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