Making Original Watercolor Bookmarks


Create from the heart like nobody else

I recently started making watercolor bookmarks because every time I sit down to read, I never have anything pretty to save my place.  These small projects are a great way to practice techniques, so it's become sort of a weekly practice before embracing larger paper.

Painting and drawing have been my focus these last couple of months.  I don't share much because the images fail to do them justice.  It's been difficult to capture the detail and color movement, so I tend to tuck away my larger work in my portfolio.

I must admit I have enjoyed the process and absolutely love my art studio; this room is like an oasis. If I'm not painting at my table, then I can be found writing at my desk.  I even enjoy sitting here to read because the lighting is excellent.

These bookmarks are handy and truly unique; all you need is watercolor paper, paints and brushes.  

Supplies for Watercolor Bookmarks

To begin you must acquire some supplies if you don't already have them.  I've linked my favorites through Amazon for your convenience. These are the materials I use so if you prefer something less expensive shopping around might be necessary.
The watercolor process is simple beginning with cutting your paper to bookmark size.  Do this in strips and then begin painting.  I like to add movement in addition to a few details with nature in mind. Mostly just have fun with it.

making watercolor bookmarks with Windsor and newton paints

Like I mentioned earlier the camera fails to capture detail.  It has also occurred to me that I may need to bring in additional lighting for photographing.  Did I mention how I really don't like taking indoor pictures.  

Overall, I think you can see that these bookmarks really don't represent a specific thing but yet they do speak from my heart.  I highly recommend this painting project.  Making original watercolor bookmarks is relaxing and can also make great gifts. 

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