Make Watercolor Valentine Postcards


how to make creative postcards for Valentines day.

This year I am creating watercolor postcards for Valentines Day.  Making gift cards has become sort of a tradition that began when I was very young.  I continued this activity with my kids by sharing a homemade card on their birthdays.  I still do this with a personalized message inside. 

This project is not difficult and if you can paint or draw a simple heart then you have what it takes.  My goal with these postcards wasn’t to paint a perfect picture but to create something unique with movement.

I’m not sure if people even send postcards these days, that was a thing when people traveled to share their latest adventure. I recently noticed a box of them while visiting an antique store.  I enjoyed reading through a few and this watercolor idea came about from that afternoon. 

My hope is to select a few random addresses where I live and send them off to brighten someone’s day.  I find inspiration is all around us, and sharing your creativity is a neat way to bring a little love into someone’s life.  It’s doesn’t take much effort or time and it will also fill your heart with good.

Get your supplies together and begin creating your watercolor postcards.

Postcard Supplies

    • Thick Watercolor Paper (Check Five Below or The Dollar Store for inexpensive paper)
    • Watercolor Paints – Keep it simple, just get a tray of paints.
    • Round Brushes – these are my favorites but you might want some less expensive.
    • Paper cutter
    • Water cup and Palette for mixing color (an old cup and plate works great)

If you’d like to dive deeper into some of my previous projects for mixing colors you may enjoy reading Lessons in Color Theory.

The first step is to cut your paper to size; I went with a standard 4 x 6.  These will be inexpensive to mail and I’m pretty sure with the thick paper and bright colors they won’t get lost or tossed. 

Once you have your paper cut now it’s time to create.

Sending homemade Valentines Day cards to family and friends.

Create, Message and Send

If you feel more comfortable drawing your design first do so using a pencil.  I went freestyle by applying paint to paper with light strokes in the shape of a heart.  I wasn’t looking for perfection, this process was about letting the water work for me.

I used a combination of three colors, Alizarin Crimson and Dioxazine Purple.  I also mixed those two together and to make green I combined, Cadmium Yellow with Cobalt Blue.  The mixing process was fun and at one point crimson ran into the green to tone down the mood.

When the cards dry enclose a message on the backside towards the left and leave room to write the address on the right. If the paper bends don't fret, flatten between a couple of heavy books for about an hour to restore shape.

If you haven't selected who will receive these cards, do that now.  I have the “2022 Primary Voter Rolls” for my county so I’m thinking of selecting one address from each voting precinct. You heard me right I'm sending my postcards to strangers.

It takes little effort to send a little love or just be kind to others. I like the idea of keeping these cards anonymous and who knows maybe this will spread.  It's my hope others will share this and perhaps inspire you to make and send your own Watercolor Valentine Postcards.  

See the Good,