Welcome Fall, Pumpkins Spice and Lattes


Fall the season of being thankful

The first day of fall was September 22, but down south we are still swarming in the 90-temperature zone around afternoon. We pretty much wait for that 70-degree weather to hit before we “welcome fall and surround our day with pumpkins, spice and lattes.

As someone who grew up where the temperatures can be much cooler this time of year, I sort of pretend like it’s 50 or 60 degrees.  I simply crank up the AC while wearing my flannel shirt and sit quietly in the morning enjoying my latte with honey.

It looks like next week might be when our temperatures will regress and I’m looking forward to it.
I mentioned in the past few weeks that I’ve been working at a local business. It’s been fun and while I've been busy creating displays and helping customers shop on Friday afternoon our concrete was poured at our property

Which means I’ve decided to step away from the 9 to 5 public eye and help my husband finish our home. My last day will be October 1st, in conjunction with a new season and it feels right. 
I’m ready to welcome back fall with open arms.

A time to get back to what's important

This will be a time to also nestle down and get centered on what the future holds. Perhaps uncover where I should be putting my effort and figure out, what is it that I really want to be doing.

I’ve been active for years and I've done a lot for other people over the course of my lifetime and for once, I’m taking a step back and looking at what would be pleasing for me. 

Writing is definitely going to be present because I find that my insight compared to the rest of the world is very different.  It's perhaps a little vintage and heavily rooted in nature.

I'm seeking what is good for my soul and most of all where does God want me to focus. I sort of already know but as I've watched doors open and close it's very clear that things happen in a certain order for a reason.

So, as I welcome back fall with warm colored pumpkins a little spice and warm lattes it’s my hope you do the same.  

Feed your soul with good and perhaps just before we enter winter, we will find ourselves on a path that is filled with the encouragement to shine bright.